Gentlemen's Guide to Bra Fitting

It is so thoughtful of you to choose to buy some lingerie for your loved one. Hopefully by following our simple guide you can choose with confidence. Please remember that if it does not fit or the colour does not suit, and you have bought online, then we can exchange it, replace it or give you a refund. 

Here goes: 

If you are just too unsure of what to buy but you would like her to have some lingerie from you then you can purchase a Guilt gift voucher, knowing she will choose some lingerie she likes and that you will like too. A beautiful French silk slip might be a welcome alternative? 

When choosing lingerie online always try to think of what you both might like.  What she would feel comfortable wearing and something you would like to also see her in. Sometimes, compromise is required. If you like thongs and she prefers pants then maybe buy one thong and one pant? 


I have no idea of her size. 

Easy option: 

A Guilt gift voucher and maybe a one size fits all pair of pants? 

Got to have lingerie?  Then some detective work is needed! 

Look at her lingerie collection and see if you can find a label attached to her bra fastening. On this you should be able to find her size. It will be a number beginning with a 3 ie 30, 32, 34 followed by a letter - A, B, C, D etc. 

Then on to pants. 

This should be easy. Small, Medium, Large and so on.  If you cannot see any size on the pants then the bra size will give a rough indication of bottom size.  So if her bra size says: 

30 or 32 - pant size Small

34 - pant size Medium

36 or 38 - pant size Large

These are just rule of thumb sizes and although not perfect you will be on the right track. 

If you cannot find the bra size or do not have access then we go to Plan B ... the fun bit! 

We need to work out her back size ie 30, 32, 34 and so on. Then we can work out her cup size using our Guilt's ‘tutti frutti’ test.  This requires your powers of observation. No excuse for groping! 

Do you know her dress size? Is she small, medium or large in stature? If you do, great!  As a rule of thumb her bra size should follow: 

Dress size 8 - back size 30

Dress size 10 - back size 32

Dress size 12 - back size 34

Dress size 14 - back size 36

Dress size 16 - back size 38

Dress size 18 - back size 40

Failing this: 

Small frame will be a 30 or 32

Medium frame will be a 34

Large frame will be a 36 or 38

Now on to cup size. This is the best we can do without a fitting from one of our wonderful Guilt Girls in one of our boutiques. 

To determine cup size: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H or I

The Guilt ‘tutti frutti’ test for boys.

Fruit v Balls 

A cup: Lime or golf ball 

B cup: Lemon or snooker ball

C cup: Small orange or tennis ball

D cup: Large orange or croquet ball

E cup: Grapefruit or shot put

F cup: Honeydew melon or volley ball

G cup: Pineapple or bowling ball 

H cup: Watermelon or football

I cup: Basket ball

So if you combine the back size and the cup size you will have the size closest to her own size, ie 36E and so on. Without a professional fitting this is the best you can do, but she will appreciate your efforts in trying hard to determine her size. You might even get it right!  Please don't forget she can always change the items, and it is the thought that counts.